Redefining Elderly Mobility: The Role of Robotics Exoskeletons in Improving Functional Mobility

Neurological and deconditioning disorders are prevalent in the elderly population, often leading to disabilities requiring therapy to improve functional mobility. Traditional physiotherapy approaches may have limitations, occasionally demanding the presence of 2-3 therapists to safely mobilise patients with considerable weakness. Nevertheless, research indicates that with increased repetitions, intensity, and a focus on high-quality movements, the elderly can experience significant improvements.

Robotics exoskeleton is a key enabler in gaining improved outcomes in areas cannot be achieved with traditional therapy. Ekso Bionics, a US-based robotics company with a history in the US military, is a world leader in this field. Their Ekso NR rehabilitation exoskeleton is the most widely deployed globally, designed to enhance safety and quality in standing, balance, and gait. It trains core strength, balance, endurance, and overall strength, offering a variety of software to accommodate different patient needs (e.g. a suite of pregait such as marching in place, weight shifting and squats (in preparation of walking, learning the fundamentals of balance) and a variety of walking programs for different goals).

One of Ekso NR’s key features is its ability to provide precise feedback to patients about their performance, allowing therapists to track progress in real-time. This adaptability ensures that patients do not easily fatigue, even with prolonged use, and can be supervised by just one physiotherapist, leading to safe, high-quality, and longer practices that result in clinically proven outcomes in functional mobility at home and in the community.

Ekso also offers Indego, a personal use exoskeleton designed for home use. Lightweight and modular, it supports walking and mobility both indoors and outdoors, fitting into a sports bag for easy transport

Ekso Bionics’ range of exoskeletons supports training in hospitals and extends care to the community and home, transforming care and mobility. Esko Bionic’s mission is to enable greater independence and quality of life for both patients and caregivers with its revolutionary technology.

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