Market intelligence is integral in developing the market positioning, and helps to form the marketing strategy for future growth.

A single platform for your essential APAC ageing market intelligence, Ageing Asia has been providing ageing market intelligence and broadening sector-specific intelligence with our research works since 2012.

APAC Silver Economy Business Opportunities Report

Uncover new insights with our Asia Pacific Silver Economy Business Opportunities Report (Silver Report). In the 2020 edition, the Silver Report projected the APAC silver economy is likely to hit US$4.56 billion. The top three key countries with the highest market growth are Singapore, Japan and Australia. The report gives you an overview of current industry trends and opportunities

Market Research & Consultancy

Optimise your growth strategies with our research works that support you with a better understanding of the market. We have been providing consulting to organisations seeking global best practices in housing, health and care models that can be translated for the Asian market place. We have also been quoted in global media channels for our insights and though-leadership

Ageing Asia Alliance Journal

Be empowered by thought-leadership pieces and commentaries from ageing business and community leaders. The Ageing Asia Alliance Journal provides updates on the latest news and happenings on the business of ageing. Each issue contains coverage on best practices and innovations from around the world; facilitating knowledge sharing between international ageing market experts and the Asia Pacific

Media Monitoring

At Ageing Asia, we bring the hottest and latest ageing market development and news to you while you monitor the market.

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