Case Studies & Testimonials


“For someone like me from China,as there are currently not many players in the retirement industry in China, I appreciate having the chance to interact with key industry players in this industry and push for the growth of this industry. My biggest takeaway is to see so many companies from so many countries speaking on the elderly industry. I hope, with the help of all the industry players, to bring this industry to greater heights.”

Mr Xi Zhiyong, President,Shanghai New Gench Enterprise Group & Chairman, Cherish-Yearn Co Ltd, China.

“It has been really very interesting and very fruitful. I think this industry, we know, will continue to grow, but it will also grow in complexity. To be able to come here and to learn from people with diverse backgrounds, different experiences and who are the market leaders in their own area, has been very eye-opening because it helps us to figure out what the next steps are. As we go down the road, we know that it will be more different, it will be more demanding and it will be more segmented.

Mr Peter Quah, CEO, Kronus Co Ltd, Thailand

"It is a very good project to take all the forces together to give a collective power to this tsunami of elderly people, and the approach is also very good. From the different points of view especially on the normal things, going back to the ground (issues). Prof Murata from Japan for example, he looks for the details, the small things that are really important. I was satisfied with the whole conference.What I like very much is the difference–it is not just one type of speaker, but a big variety in the speakers and that is necessary. And what I also thought was interesting is the interest from Singapore. The minister, she is really interested, to look at other points of view, on what can be done with the scientific approach and the practical approach. Because here (at AAIF), there is a combination of scientific approach – professors like me and Murata – and people out in the field working there, and people from politics. What can we do and how can we help? It was interesting and this is only the beginning. Next year comes more!"

Professor Dr Hans Becker, Chairman, Humanitas Foundation, The Netherlands

"You have a very high caliber of delegates that are here from all over Asia, which is the part that I am very excited about. You have a good cross section fromSingapore, Malaysia, Japan and more so China as well. So from a delegate’s point of view entering Asia's aged care market, it's very well worth.The caliber of speakers that we have at the moment–obviously they are experts in their own particular fields. They are very engaging, they are enlightening but more so, very educational. Some people may just confirm their thoughts and just give an added dimension to their prospects of entering this senior living market in the Asia-Pacific."

Mr Kevin Ryan,CEO, Waterbrook Lifestyle Resorts, Australia