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What is hearing loss?

According to a World Health Organization report, published in October 2023, an estimated 430 million people worldwide are affected by disabling hearing loss, a number that escalates with age. Specifically in Singapore, as highlighted in an article by the National University Health System (NUHS), hearing loss is notably widespread, affecting over 60% of individuals aged 60 and above. Thus, it is more prevalent than commonly perceived and frequently overlooked, hearing loss, particularly in severe cases, poses risks to safety, daily routines, and social connections, affecting overall well-being and potentially resulting in complications.

According to John Hopkins Medical, severe hearing loss has been associated with a 500% increase in the risk of dementia. This underscores the critical importance of promptly addressing hearing issues as an integral part of a holistic approach to maintaining overall health.

Explore The Hearing Room’s journey through the lens of its founder, Mr Luke Tan, a Hearing Care Professional who is a passionate advocate for hearing health and has a strong sense of mission to help people with hearing loss regain a higher quality of life.

Could you begin by sharing what inspired the creation of The Hearing Room and the significance it holds for the organisation?
My late father, for the last 15 years of his life, had such bad hearing that family members had to sit close to him to speak quite loudly into his ears. Alternatively, we had to scribble notes to him to communicate. One day, I took him to a hearing clinic to have a hearing test and bought him a pair of prescription hearing aids. From that day onwards, his quality of life improved and so did that of our family members. From then on, almost 20 years ago when hearing aid technology was much less advanced than what it is today, I knew from my personal experience that hearing aids were indeed a big help – to both hearing aids users as well as their family members. A few years ago, I saw an opportunity to provide premium hearing care to address the increasing hearing needs of an ageing Singapore population. So the The Hearing Room was set up to deliver hearing products and services with care and integrity as well as to provide exceptional after-sales service to our clients.

In your own words, how does The Hearing Room impact the lives of those seeking auditory wellness, and what sets it apart from other providers?
Every individual is unique, with different personalities and lifestyles. But the broad strokes of hearing loss affect different individuals in very similar ways – reduced ability to fully participate in conversations especially in noisy environments, growing lack of emotional and social engagement, a deepening sense of isolation from people and the environment and a significant increase in the risk of dementia and falls, just to name a few.

The positive impacts of auditory wellness extend beyond the realm of improved hearing, touching various facets of our lives—both physically and mentally. As individuals step into our establishment with a desire to enhance their hearing experience, we provide not only our professional expertise but also compassionate counseling. Our commitment transcends the mere acquisition of hearing aids; it encompasses a comprehensive hearing care journey. Numerous clients have affirmed the transformative effects on their mental and physical well-being, while their family members bear witness to improved family dynamics

“I am very happy to say this decision has changed my life, sounds that used to be gone came back and it is fun being able to discover that music I was familiar to actually has so much more depth and range in them”

F. See (Co-founder & CIO of a logistics start-up)

The Hearing Room is well-known for its personalised solutions for varying degrees of hearing loss. Can you elaborate on the range of services and technologies employed to fulfil this commitment
Contrary to popular belief, not all types of hearing aids are suitable for all types of hearing loss. We seek to understand the hearing history, lifestyle preferences and situational hearing difficulties our clients face and conduct a careful hearing assessment, followed by a comprehensive, unhurried consultation with a detailed explanation of the client’s hearing results.

We spend a lot more time with each client as compared to the industry average. Based on the type and severity of hearing loss as well as the individual functional and aesthetic needs of the client, we will recommend and prescribe the most suitable hearing aids.

The Hearing Room is an authorised dispenser of products from three of the world’s most esteemed hearing aids manufacturers so we carry a full range of products to cover a wide spectrum of hearing needs from the mild to profound loss. We also try to take the extra step of test-fitting products on our clients in our state-of-the-art Experiential Room that allows us to simulate a range of listening environments. It’s important to note that great “hardware” can impress and wow, but it is our “software” – the human touch – which makes a real, lasting difference.

How does The Hearing Room tailor its services to meet the unique needs of each individual, ensuring their well-being is the top priority?
Every individual’s hearing needs are different and it’s important to understand the lifestyle, functional & aesthetic needs of the individual before deciding on the suitable hearing aids to prescribe. Using hearing aids should be easy and fuss-free and we try to achieve that for every client.

Clients with a penchant for sophistication and tech-savvy preferences receive tailored guidance to maximise the utilisation of advanced built-in functions. Conversely, for those who prefer simplicity, we adhere to the basic essentials, avoiding unnecessary explanations of functions they may not require. During our consultations, cases range from straightforward to those necessitating a referral to ENT doctors to investigate potential underlying medical causes of hearing loss. Our unwavering commitment to prioritising the well-being of our clients fuels a profound sense of mission in our work.

I am very happy with the personalised attention….(they) make me feel proud of my decision to step out of my denial of hearing issue. They addressed my concerns patiently. Their product knowledge is awesome and most importantly they are able to explain it clearly. There are many hearing aids in the market so what's important is the after sales service. The supports they provided is very prompt and assuring. The joy of hearing is worth every everything…Thanks…You both have put life's melody back into my life

Maggie C (Chartered Accountant)

Looking ahead, what is the vision for The Hearing Room in terms of its role in promoting auditory wellness, and what milestones do you foresee?
The Hearing Room is driven by a steadfast mission, reflected in our engagements as speakers on hearing health and auditory wellness. Our platform includes appearances on Capital Radio 958, at Lions Club International, and various club and community events. Given the widespread prevalence of hearing loss (affecting more than 50% of those aged 60 and above), we remain dedicated advocates for hearing health. Our goal is to heighten awareness within the general public, actively dispelling misconceptions surrounding this vital subject matter.

What are the organisation’s aspirations for the future, particularly in terms of growth, innovation, and making a global impact in the field of auditory wellness?
Our commitment is to consistently deliver top-tier hearing care to our clients in Singapore. Achieving this involves a continual process of upgrading our professional skills, expanding our knowledge base, and adopting cutting-edge technologies to drive innovative hearing care solutions. While we have plans for expansion with the establishment of more branches, this will be executed at a measured pace. Our focus remains unwavering on maintaining clinical excellence, offering exceptional after-sales service, and preserving our distinctive personal touch
Address: 1 Coleman Street, #03-21 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803

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