White Paper: Assessing the different Ageing Policies in the Asia Pacific Region

Acquire valuable insights into evolving ageing policies and trends across the Asia-Pacific region through our comprehensive white paper

Ms Janice Chia, Founder and Managing Director of Ageing Asia, shares, “This insightful white paper meticulously analyses and evaluates ageing policies across the Asia Pacific region, extending its purview to include the United Kingdom and Finland. Global knowledge exchange will help enable operators globally to benefit.”

Dr. Kelvin Tan, an esteemed authority as the Head of Minor in Applied Ageing Studies and Senior Lecturer of Master/PhD in Gerontology and Innovation Programmes at Singapore University of Social Sciences, keenly notes, “Policy in aged care is often challenged by the speed of technology, rapid changing demographics and environment. Different stakeholders comprising of the industry, academic, government agencies and care providers can work more closely together. Together, we can create a supportive environment which harnesses the integrated domains, living labs and innovations. Building a robust care continuum for older persons from hospitals to community hospitals, active ageing hubs/centres and homes is a tough but not impossible task. It requires human development/training, adoption of best practices, resource optimisation and financial planning. Only then, we can achieve the aspired quality of care for older persons and their families

Mr. Arthur Koumoukelis, Partner at Thomson Geer Lawyers in Australia, adds, “The Ageing Asia Policy Day white paper provides a useful overview of government policy and industry response to the issues raised by a global ageing population. Anyone involved in the regulation or delivery of services and facilities to the ageing population will find the paper useful to help guide their strategy

Key Highlights from the White Paper:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Gain invaluable insights into policies and trends shaping the future of aged care in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.
  • Expert Contributions: Benefit from the expertise of renowned professionals and authorities from various nations, providing essential insights into the challenges and opportunities posed by our ageing population.
  • Real-world Case Studies: Explore real-world case studies from diverse regions, shedding light on key ageing trends in community care models, preventive health, healthy ageing, and financial security for seniors.

Stay at the forefront of evolving ageing policies and join us in shaping a better future for the elderly and their families.

Download the full White Paper now to equip your organisation with the knowledge required to drive informed, strategic decisions.


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