Team Ageing Asia would like to invite you to join us on the Professional Training Programme: Future of Ageing in Fukuoka, Japan.

We have planned an in-depth programme to learn about the success of the “Fukuoka 100” project, including the use of data analytics and collection for seniors service innovation and senior programmes, services and facilities. We will also be exploring assisted living, community care, and dementia care innovation in Fukuoka.

Ageing Asia Professional Training Programme: Future of Ageing in Fukuoka
(16-20 Oct 2023)

To find out more, download the full programme here.

Early bird sign-up prices available till end of July.
This programme is capped at 20 sign-ups.
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We look forward to having you.

Training Programme Highlights

Community-Based Care: Fukuoka 100 has implemented a community-based care model that focuses on providing personalised and preventive care to elderly individuals in their own communities. This includes home-visit nursing services, home-delivered meals, and support for caregivers.

Use of Data Analytics: Fukuoka 100 uses data analytics to identify elderly individuals who are at high risk of health problems and provide them with appropriate interventions. This helps to improve the effectiveness of its elderly care services.

Collaborative Partnerships: Fukuoka 100 has developed collaborative partnerships between healthcare providers, government agencies, and community organisations to enhance its elderly care services. This includes joint training programmes and sharing of resources.

Technology-Enabled Care: Fukuoka 100 utilises technology such as sensors, robots, and telemedicine to enhance its elderly care services. For example, it uses sensors to monitor elderly individuals’ health and well-being and telemedicine to provide remote medical consultations.

Innovative Service Models: Fukuoka 100 has developed innovative service models such as the “Konotori” service, which provides a range of health and welfare services to elderly individuals at their homes. This service has been successful in reducing the need for hospitalisation and nursing home care.

Dementia Care Innovation: Fukuoka 100 stands at the forefront of dementia care innovation, bringing transformative solutions to individuals and families affected by this challenging condition. With a focus spreading systematic dementia care techniques, they are revolutionising the landscape of dementia care.