Learning the Swiss approach for falls prevention by improving gait walk for seniors

Kybun Mat enhances seniors’ well-being with active standing, addressing headaches and back pain. Versatile benefits span home use, therapy, fall prevention, and improved movement control.

In today’s predominantly sedentary society, senior individuals frequently find themselves spending a significant portion of their day in a seated position, resulting in increased physical discomfort, including muscle tension, posture problems, and back or neck pain. While these challenges are often attributed to prolonged sitting, a potential solution emerges in the form of the Kybun Mat. This specially engineered elastic mat offers the promise of enhancing the overall well-being and vitality of seniors by promoting a more active and dynamic lifestyle.

Addressing Neck Tension and Headaches
The primary cause of neck tension and headaches often stems from incorrect and monotonous sitting postures. Prolonged sitting with a hunched back causes our head and shoulders to slouch forward, placing excessive strain on the back and neck muscles as they continuously battle gravity. This strain can even extend to our heads, leading to headaches. To combat this issue, it’s vital to decrease the time spent sitting and avoid repetitive postures.

The Kybun Mat offers a practical solution by promoting active standing. The mat naturally encourages correct posture, thus alleviating the burden on muscles and reducing the likelihood of headaches.

Alleviating Seniors’ Back Pain
Back pain is a prevalent concern among seniors, often linked to factors like improper posture and muscle weakness, which can be exacerbated by a lifetime of physical exertion. To alleviate this discomfort, the Kybun shoe and mat present effective solutions. These products can help seniors experience muscle relaxation and a significant decrease in pain. An effective strategy often involves beginning with the Kybun Mat and progressively transitioning to the Kybun shoe, enhancing muscle strength, and offering respite from back pain.

At Home: Seniors can integrate the Kybun Mat into their daily routines, whether it’s for cooking, making phone calls, or reading. This multifunctional mat strengthens smaller muscles, eases tension, and contributes to an overall sense of well-being.

In Therapy: While it doesn’t claim to be a panacea for illnesses, the Kybun Mat proves beneficial in alleviating discomfort and fortifying deep-seated muscles. It’s a valuable addition to rehabilitation and post-injury recovery processes.

Fall Prevention: For seniors, fall prevention is paramount for preserving independence and overall well-being. The Kybun Mat’s gentle yet supportive surface bolsters stability and balance, effectively reducing the risk of inadvertent falls. Its integration into fall prevention programs is especially advantageous for senior living and care facilities.

Enhanced Movement Control: Walking on the Kybun Mat augments control over movements by activating intricate muscle chains, refining gait, and enhancing blood circulation. This benefit extends to a substantial percentage of elderly residents, potentially up to 80%.

Exploring the Attributes of Kybun Mat’s Elastic Material
Kybun Mat’s unique elastic material enables your feet to sink in, providing exceptional coordination training. This reduces strain on joints and muscles, fostering a natural, pain-free gait, minimising limping, and supporting an upright posture.

Constructed with high-quality multi-component PU, Kybun Mat offers a cushioned and springy surface, promoting a balanced posture and targeting deeper muscle layers. It encourages active standing, relaxation, and comfort, surpassing hard surfaces as the healthier choice for sitting or standing.

Fostering Seniors’ Wellness Amidst a Sedentary Landscape
In a world acutely aware of the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting, the Kybun Mat emerges as an appealing remedy. Its dynamic and resilient surface actively promotes standing, physical activity, and relaxation. By seamlessly incorporating the Kybun Mat into seniors’ daily routines, one can genuinely alleviate tension, enhance overall well-being, and nurture a healthier lifestyle. This marks a substantial leap towards heightened activity and a life liberated from discomfort, effectively mitigating the adverse repercussions of our contemporary sedentary lifestyles.


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