Top vehicles that enable mobility for elders in Asia

One of the most important factors for successful ageing is mobility – To be able to age with the freedom of movement no matter how our physical abilities change. For persons with disabilities and elders, what are the types of vehicles that we can find in the market today that offer independence? Ageing Asia brings you some of the top car brands that are frontrunners in capturing this new market opportunity.


Toyota Welcabs are easy for caregivers to use because they are specifically designed for that purpose. There are many types of Welcab, so people can pick the ones they like or the ones with features they find easy to use. The Toyota Vellfire Welcab has a two-button easy access remote that allows the detachable car seat/wheel chair to move in and out of the car within 35 seconds.

What do we like most? The detachable car seat to wheelchair function is one of the best and most important features. With the remote control, it gives the autonomy back to the user.


Honda e

The compact, fully-electric Honda e is inspired by Honda’s 2030 prediction, and its desire to improve the environment, particularly in busy urban areas. Engineered from the ground up to deliver a package perfect for the modern

urban environment, the all-new Honda e is the ultimate creation based on the brand’s philosophy of human-centered engineering.

What do we like most? An affordable small compact car with new safety technologies that provides an environmental and easy to manoeuvre option for elders to continue enjoying the freedom of driving.


Nissan New Mobility Concept Car

The Nissan New Mobility Concept is an ultra-compact 100% electric vehicle that was developed in response to rising numbers of senior citizens and single-member households, along with increasing use of automobiles for short-distance trips by up to two people.

What do we like most? Small cars for short trips, like the use of golf carts in communities, will allow mobility and  freedom across short distances.

So which is your favourite?
Share with us any other vehicles that you think are frontrunners in supporting mobility for successful ageing.

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