Joanne Tan Director, Marketing Comms Oct 12th 2020

Intergenerational lifestyle and health club concept in Singapore drives fun rehabilitation & community engagement

Drawing inspiration from Japan’s most innovative day-service care model, where having fun and rehab co-exist, the Jade Circle Arena, an intergenerational lifestyle club and health centre that caters to both seniors and children, made its debut in Singapore In November in 2019.

Residing in Jade Circle, Jade Circle Arena is an initiative by the Lien Foundation, Khoo Chwee Neo Foundation and The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home to reinvent residential and community care to focus on autonomy, choices and dignity. It offers a platform for social interaction and intergenerational bonding, as well as fun activities that promote healthy living and active ageing.

Through a lifestyle club concept, Jade Circle Arena also aims to engage the community and promote social inclusiveness by encouraging family of the facility’s clients, as well as residents living near the facility, to join in the activities and use the facilities. 

From immersive experiential play to arcade game sets, the recreational as well as rehabilitative facilities of Jade Circle Arena ensure the elder users are engaged and empowered to choose “purposeful play”, and will also appeal to young children and encourage them to play with the elders in a safe environment. 

Jade Circle Arena even adopts an ‘Earn and Spend’ programme to motivate members and clients to ‘earn credits’, which they can use to exchange for spa and beauty sessions, meals at the café or workshops conducted at the facility. 

Play creates happiness and having fun together encourages social interaction. Bringing seniors and children or young adults together through planned, mutually beneficial activities and programmes is one way to help seniors feel connected to others and to provide much-needed sensory stimulation.”

Mdm Low Mui Lang, Executive Director, The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home

The Jade Circle Arena is also a dementia-friendly facility that provides rehabilitation and daycare services. Mdm Low adds, “intergenerational bonding activities can also help slow down cognitive decline, making these kinds of activities and interactions especially beneficial to seniors with dementia.”