(Virtual) Study Tours

Why an ‘On-the-Go’ Experiential Learning Experience with Ageing Asia?

  • Exclusively tailored itinerary focusing on on-the-site (virtual) experience and engagement
  • Provides the ultimate back-end access to the world’s leading best practices, innovations & operational concepts
  • Guided (virtual) walkthroughs by experienced programme leaders
  • Meet and exchange insights with the eldercare experts & global C-suite leaders


Ageing Asia Virtual Tour to Belgium

Held in partnership with Moments Furniture
29 September 2020
2:00 pm – 3.30pm (Singapore time)

The World Ageing Festival Fringe Webinar Series – Ageing Asia Virtual Tour brings you to age friendly Belgium. Join us to learn about how the municipality approach helps the country in active ageing; enabling those who have Dementia and caring for those who need skilled nursing care. Gain insights on the demographic, social and multicultural contexts of Brussels, their age-friendly approaches, strategies, and opportunities to enable successful ageing. More info.

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