Global Ageing Influencers &
Global Ageing Trailblazers

Introducing Global Ageing Influencers (GAI) & Global Ageing Trailblazers (GAT)

An initiative to honour the outstanding achievements of the most influential global leaders impacting ageing in Asia Pacific


Global Ageing Influencers (GAI)

The Ageing Asia Global Ageing Influencer Award applauds global thought leaders, innovators and frontrunners in seniors living, aged care and healthcare who have developed innovations, programmes or services that advance standard of living for older adults.


Global Ageing Trailblazers (GAT)

The Ageing Asia Global Ageing Trailblazer Award recognises outstanding achievements of multi-disciplinary entrepreneurs who inspire others with their portfolio of work that creates an impact and advances standards of living for older adults in their country of residence.


Know someone who qualifies as a GAI or GAT? Does he or she fit the bill?

A passionate thought leader and innovator who continuously challenges traditional boundaries to change the future of how we age. Someone who demonstrates published viewpoints, implementations and innovations that will change the future of ageing in Asia Pacific and is endorsed by organisations and industry colleagues.

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