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Japan took centre stage having experienced a fourfold increase in their ageing population making them a super ageing society from the 1990s. The stark change in demographics has driven and qualified Japan as leaders in the development of innovative products and services for the eldercare industry. Japan’s eldercare is community-driven rather than health care-system driven. Japan has the world's oldest population, with more than a quarter of its citizens aged 65 or above. By 2025, the youngest baby boomers will turn 75 years old.

In 2012, the Japanese government implemented the community-based integrated care system, which integrates various health-related resources within the community through cooperation among formal, long-term care facilities, welfare and medical care specialists, and informal voluntary activities by the residents. The Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) scheme is named one of the most generous long term care systems in the world, in terms of coverage and benefits.

Key Learning Objectives: What can we learn from Japan?

  • Operating modern award-winning home-like community assisted living models
  • Re-using ageing spaces through multi-generational living spaces with intentional interaction points
  • Accessing Japan’s award-winning living & food lab and sophisticated, functional food industry for older adults
  • Integrating evidence-based global programme innovations into existing care models and services
  • Adapting foreign models to suit domestic needs and cultural tastes for better implementation within the APAC region

Offering exclusive insights into the best collection of Japan’s long term care system, including cross-industry solutions and creative innovations in technology and rehabilitation, each experiential workshop will be fully guided. You will gain special access to the “behind-the-scenes” in Japan’s modern and progressive eldercare system through visits to Tokyo and Kansai 


















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