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Join us on 15 - 18 May as we visit leading eldercare facilities in The Netherlands to learn the European approach in creating favourable environment suitable for persons living with dementia that is adaptable for Asia Pacific. One of the key highlights includes attending an exclusive behind the scene tour to World's first village that enables normal living for people with severe dementia to gain practical on the ground insights on De Hogeweyk's* care model for people with advanced dementia.


  • Future of developing supportive environement for persons living with dementia 

  • Understand healthcare systems, financial support, services and the latest government policies on elderly care 

  • Learn about elderly housing and care facilities uses a social approach enables older adults to remain active in daily life 

  • Access opportunities for knowledge exchange, partnerships and training with international organisations 

  • Participate in a workshop led by the leaders of De Hogeweyk – World’s first village that enables normal living for people living with severe dementia 

  • Gain an exclusive guided back door access into the mechanics of De Hogeweyk staff and residents 

  • Learn how the innovative dementia village model balances freedom and security to deliver a breakthrough model of care 

  • Learn how small-scaled living / group housing have positive effects in dementia care 

  • What can we adapt for Asia Pacific 

  • And more... 

  • Senior Management Team | Operational Team
  • Retirement Villages
  • Nursing Homes
  • Healthcare Groups
  • Architects
  • Home Care Providers
  • Developers

Limited seats available! Registration is now open and is on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
Ageing Asia Alliance members receive additional discount on top of the early bird rate. Special rates are available for group booking.

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The care vision for De Hogeweyk is to offer people with dementia appropriate care in an environment which supports them in living life as usual, in a normal household, in a normal anleadid safe society. De Hogeweyk is a real life example of how an innovative care vision united with a healthy environment maximises high quality of life for people with a severe dementia syndrome. De Hogeweyk is built as a small village of 23 houses for between 6 and 8 residents each. This project is a balance of intimacy and support of a small “family” household and the experience of living in a normal society. It is a village community of 23 “normal” houses, a pub, a restaurant, a theatre, clubs, a supermarket, a beautician, and so forth. De Hogeweyk offers a maximum of living life as usual and where the built environment acts as a safe, enclosing boundary. The environment supports people with dementia, which substantially enriches the lives of the 152 residents who stay in De Hogeweyk until the end of their life.

Results: People with dementia very often show stress, anxiety, anger, fear and depression. Partly this is caused by the dementia. A great part is caused by the fact that these people do not understand their environment. It does not fit in what these people know to be a normal house, a normal society and a normal life. The result of the care vision De Hogeweyk is a strong increase of client satisfaction, as shown in the very high results of the satisfaction inquiry that is done every other year (8.9 on a scale of 10 in 2012).

One of the Dutch dementia care expert also spoke at the TED x Talks on Living with dementia: To Be or Not To Be

Click here to view presentation

De Hogeweyk - TED

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