Tour de Care Scandinavia 2018: Finland & Denmark

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A two part series that offers eldercare players in Asia Pacific access to the best kept secrets of the Nordic country's healthcare initiative in delivering care for an ageing population. Tour de Care Scandinavia will take participants on an inspirational journey to understand practices from enabling health longevity, ageing in the community to tech innovations that improves the lives of individuals. Expect and enriching time - travel like locals via train, experience active ageing, gain new knowledge and industry connections with Ageing Asia. 

Part 1 - Finland (11-14 June 2018)

Future of Community Innovations for Ageing-in-place

Housing, assisted living, smart city projects to dementia, rehab, tech implementation and more

Healthcare in the Nordics might seem similar at one glance, but here we present to you access to some of the best-kept secrets of the Nordics' care initiatives and creative living models for their elderly. Conversations from community innovations for ageing-in-place – housing, assisted living, smart city in Finland and more for the first part of Tour de Scandinavia.

Key learning objectives:

  • Insights to the future of Finland's healthcare system
  • Innovation in housing and creative living arrangements for seniors
  • Community & integrated care concepts
  • Smart living projects for the future
  • Health Tech – Innovations and application, including dementia care innovation
  • Public private partnerships
  • And more…

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Part 2 - Denmark (18-21 June 2018) 

Future of tech for assisted living, day centres, nursing homes and the community 


Conversations from live adoption of tech in nursing homes, day centres and assisted living, reducing falls with fun rehab programmes to the importance of capabilities development and the use of technologies to enable persons with dementia to live independently and more…

Join us on an inspirational journey to Denmark to discover the nursing home of the future in Aalborg where technology and unique collaboration between different professions will ensure better welfare and well-being for the residents.

Key learning objectives:

  • An insight to the future of Danish healthcare
  • Nursing Home of the future
  • Creating a network of municipalities and Living labs to solve challenges of independent living
  • Healthcare Technology – New innovations and application
  • Social Engagement & Elderly Health – New approaches and active ageing models
  • Active Geriatric Rehabilitation  - Culture to drive health improvements and social inclusion
  • Increasing manpower and capabilities building for the sector
  • Innovative programmes for dementia and rehabilitation
  • Public private partnerships
  • And more…

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