Mark Moran, Co-Founder, Mark Moran Group, Australia tells us more
By Janice Chia 

How it all started
There’s existing DA here for apartments and 99.9% of developers and operators would have come in and use the existing DA because it was already there. Evette and I said no, this is an iconic hinterland in Sydney, and so it’s almost a responsibility and certainly an opportunity for us to reflect on the iconism.

So that was our starting point. Rather than just building a seniors development and make it look nice by engaging interior designers to make it look better, we are looking at a sense of place that’s not just 200 years of Australia, but 1,000 years. Often lost in architecture, people build places not beyond their functionality. So what is it? It’s an aged care facility, a retirement village, a rehabilitation centre? If the purpose is to only supply those functions, we will miss out on the ability to see the world.

Life is not about living in a hospital. It’s hard to understand what’s here and the concept. You have to actually see it. I always feel that we’re always caught up with a foul reality where people are getting into the ‘advertising agency mode’ regardless of what they are doing. It is always about e.g. this is the latest model.

It’s the integrity of the execution that you want to see in a company. It requires something that’s deeper in commitment and you won’t get it as an extension of training and seniors planning because generally you’ll be coming from existing paradigm, and you won’t be able to think outside of it. 

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Standing by our vision from concept to execution
We believe in bringing to life a vibrant lifestyle through the realisation of spaces firmly dedicated to cultivating a vibrant community and the Spirit of Life. This ethos has been at the heart of the Mark Moran Vaucluse process since the beginning.

The stories that we will built at Mark Moran Vaucluse
Everything has a story. Even the lights are made by an African village on programme that supports the village. This is a place of stories, everything here is a story, and we have such a rich society, history of civilisation and it goes down to even giving our robots names.

Technology did not begin two years ago, it begun 2,000 years ago and it has evolved. So many things like the door, the backdoors are from the 19th century. The stories around the fossils are 300 million years old, and it represent Australia. By celebrating the sense of place, this can be transferred into the programmes, the lifestyle, the offerings. It’s now not a cold corporate indifferent space. One of the most interesting elements is that the staff is able to attract the course of dynamic that has been exceptional. To see that all elements come together, it really differentiates. And that’s exciting!

Get first hand access and insights into Mark Moran Vaucluse on an exclusive full day programme at the facility just for Ageing Asia delegates where Mark and the core team behind the facility will be sharing areas like, funding and operational model, philosophy, design and culture, community engagement strategies. 
Taking place from 23-25 November in Sydney, this programme will also include practical on the site understanding to some of Australia’s leading care models that are paving innovations in integrated care and wellness. Read more.

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