The Team

Janice Chia, Founder and Managing Director




Happiness for me is bringing a smile to people around me
Singaporean entrepreneur Janice Chia founded Ageing Asia Pte Ltd with the mission to drive innovation in the way future generations age, by engaging the business community to create better products and services that will enable healthy ageing, independent ageing and dignified ageing.

Janice has accumulated her vast experience from visiting over 220 residential and aged care homes from over 15 countries.  Since 2009, she has been actively involved in consulting organisations seeking global best practices in housing, health and care models that can be translated for the Asian market. Janice is also quoted regularly in the media on Asia Pacific business trends in ageing.

Influenced by the changing needs of her elderly relatives, and inspired by higher expectations in quality of life of the baby boomer generation,  Janice firmly believes that social challenges of ageing can be transformed into economic opportunities for Asia.  Her vision is to change the way we age in Asia Pacific, and move towards an ageing-at-home world where older adults age in better health, desire independence and aspire towards ageing with dignity.

Industry innovations that Janice has successfully launched include:

  • Ageing Asia Alliance – Asia's first industry network on the business of ageing with over 1,500 members
  • Bi-Annual Asia Pacific Silver Economy Business Opportunities Report – Projecting Asia's Pacific's silver market opportunity to hit US$3.3 Trillion by 2020
  • Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards – To recognise outstanding contributions and innovations towards improving quality of life and happiness in the care sector
  • Ageing Asia Silver Economy Index – Ranking of countries in Asia Pacific by market potential of ageing baby boomers
  • ASPIRE55 Singapore – Asia's first virtual retirement village, is a pilot project wellbeing community that offers a combination of social, health and care services that are typically available at a real retirement village, but enables members to continue living in their existing homes

Janice also owns Xperiential Events Pte Ltd  an events management company that creates iconic B2B event platforms that focus on transforming social challenges into business opportunities and ASPIRE55 Singapore – Asia's first virtual retirement village, a pilot project wellbeing community that offers a combination of social, health and care services that are typically available at a real retirement village, but enables members to continue living in their existing homes.


Sylwin Angdrew Ang, General Manager & Business Development




To do what you like is freedom, to like what you do is happiness... 
As the General Manager at Ageing Asia – Asia’s first buisness of ageing market consultancy social enterprise, Sylwin oversees the administration and operational aspects of the company. With over 15 years of experience building partnerships and rapport with various top decision makers from IT, financial, government, transport, healthcare to manufacturing sector, Sylwin has been instrumental in developing the company’s core competencies. Since joining Ageing Asia in 2012, Sylwin has been actively engaging in discussions with key industry stakeholders, and constantly kept updated on the latest trends in Asia Pacific’s ageing market. Sylwin is also the Head of Business Development at Ageing Asia. She continually seeks to enhance the quality of Ageing Asia’s B2B platform, and build business for her clients and partners to access the region’s ageing market. Sylwin is an Indonesian who has lived in Singapore for over 15 years. She holds an Honours in Bachelor of Management from the University of London, and has a passion for wine & yoga.


Jeffrey Chan, Assistant Manager, Business Development

 Jeff Chan 2    

Health and happiness are the essence of life
In his course of work at Ageing Asia, Jeffrey manages sales and business development clientele and opportunities. Some of the sales projects he has undertaken, include the Silver Economy Business Opportunities Business Report, Ageing-in-place Australia 2013, and Inaugural Ageing Asia CEO Summit Indonesia. Jeffrey has also assumed project management roles in industry trainings such as the Ageing Asia Leadership Workshop New Zealand and Ageing-in-place Australia 2013. He is also involved in the management of the Ageing Asia Alliance – Asia’s first industry network on the business of ageing. Jeffrey was previously the Conference Producer with Ageing Asia, which gave him the opportunity to be involved in the 4th Ageing Asia Investment Forum, taking on responsibilities in speaker and conference schedule management and the 1st APAC Eldercare Innovations Awards. Jeffrey received a BSc (Hons) in Business from the University of London in 2012.


Joanne Tan, Director, Marketing Communications


Happiness comes from the mind and the heart
Joanne leads the marketing team in Ageing Asia. She oversees the marketing and public relations activities for all of the company’s core functions and industry programmes, and also manages the editorial content of the company’s communication collateral. With over 10 years of experience in events marketing, which includes public relations and events management, Joanne started out with one of the Professional Exhibition Organiser market leaders in Asia. She was in charged of marketing and promotional activities, partner relation management and operations management of its key conferences such as BroadcastAsia and Food & Hotel Asia (FHA). During the course of her professional journey, Joanne has ventured into different industry sectors, giving her the versatility to excel in different environment. With her vast exposure, she believes that a good and sound marketing communication campaign not only helps to grow the business and extend the brand awareness, but also helps to establish rapport and cement trust with clients.


Rachel Lim, Assistant Manager, Marketing Communications


Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your actions.
A marketing enthusiast, Rachel has been an avid contributor to the marketing and communications activities where she began her career at Ageing Asia – a marketing consultancy that focuses on the business of ageing. Apart from marketing, she has experience in on-site management where she was given the opportunity to effectively showcase at several of Ageing Asia’s industry trainings in Asia. In 2012, Rachel received the ‘Employee of the Year’ award for her commitment to her work as an individual and the propensity to manage team environment dynamics.


Tan Si Tian, Marketing Executive

Si Tian    

Happiness is itself a kind of gratitude
Si Tian began her career at Ageing Asia – an Ageing Market Consultancy Social Enterprise in the Marketing department where she serves as the social media liaison and helps to create market awareness by looking at market trends and news. She has also taken part in industry tours and masterclasses such as the Ageing Asia Industry Tour in Singapore and Global Innovations in Dementia Care Training Masterclass 2015 respectively. Si Tian is also involved in conference managing for the 6th Ageing Asia Innovation Forum 2015 and the 3rd Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards Ceremony.


Loke Yiing Ching, Head of Projects

YC headshot

Yiing Ching has over 19 years of experience in financial management, change management and business advisory within the private sector. One might wonder what any of these have to do with her role now in Ageing Asia. The fact is it’s really her astute and analytical mind that makes her perfect for this position. During her tenure with KPMG Business Advisory and Accenture, her work on risk and compliance advisory projects was key to deciding the viability of very many ventures. As Head of Projects in Ageing Asia, Yiing Ching plays a significant role in driving the market research for the organisation, and is without a doubt, an invaluable member of the team. True to her nature, she isn’t one to rest on her laurels, and is also co-founder of ASPIRE55. As such, the concept of healthy and dignified ageing isn't anything new to her. She has been, and still is, actively involved in the research and development of products and services to further enrich the wellbeing of older adults. 

Kevon Tan, Conference Executive


Kevon Tan    

Happiness is made, not given. It is the inner sun, providing warmth and bringing forth life.
As a bachelor graduate from Hospitality Tourism and Marketing degree in Murdoch University, Kevon began his career in Ageing Asia  - an ageing market consultancy social enterprise. At Ageing Asia, he is responsible for the development and production of business conferences, workshops and industry training programmes. Working alongside the Marketing department, Kevon is involved in creation of marketing plans to ensure awareness of the industry trainings is made. He is also involved in gathering views from industry leaders to provide valuable insights on future trends and opportunities. Kevon strongly believes in synergy and is always trying to make the world a better place. Just like his love for dance, he believes actions are louder than words because there is no better way to express them.



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