AAIF in Japan 2017 Programme Advisory Board

Professor Hiroyuki Murata, Professor, Tohoku University, President, Murata Associates, Inc., Japan

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Professor Hiroyuki Murata is a foremost pioneer of active-ageing businesses in Japan and an internationally recognised leader in thinking about ageing societies. He has worked with over 850 companies and contributed to develop various innovative products and services such as Curves Japan, part of the world’s largest fitness chain for women, and Raku-Raku phone, the best-selling age-friendly mobile phone. He is Professor at Smart Ageing International Research Center at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan. Not only did he create the concept of “smart ageing” but also contributed to establishing the Smart Ageing Square, an area in the Center that houses active-ageing-related businesses jointly set up with various industry partners, and the Smart Ageing College, an on-campus intergenerational school that focuses on smart ageing. Both are the firsts for a Japanese national university.

Mr Toshihisa Ogawa, Board Member, CSAS / President, Ageing Support, Inc., Japan

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Mr Toshihisa Ogawa is President of the Ageing Support Inc. He won the public tender to establish new nursing home by rebuilding old social housings owned by Tokyo Metropolitan Government. He started the first unit care type nursing home in Japan, and established the management system. Mr. Ogawa’s focus is on end-of-life- support, ‘® Learning Therapy’ for dementia and dysphagia rehabilitation. He has worked in terminal care with the happiness of the residents, the workers, and the community members and successful management. He also established the ‘Learning Therapy Study Group Adachi’ as a secretary of Adachi in 2011. Mr Ogawa is also part of the establishment of Japan’s first elderly housing & care business as nursing home and group home for dementia. He also performs management support of a nursing home and is performing production for a network of excellent institution in Japan.

Mr Etsuaki Morikawa, Board Member, CSAS / President, Orix Living Corporation, Japan


Mr Etsuaki Morikawa joined the Senior Housing Business to perform a mission to build a community that last for generations. In 2002, ORIX Real Estate Corporation, which is responsible for ORIX Group’s real-estate business, built their first Pay Nursing Care Home. As a next step, ORIX Living Corporation was built in 2005, to run the Pay Nursing Care Homes itself. As the president of ORIX Living Corporation, Mr Morikawa took strong leadership to provide comfortable and active living for senior citizens by creating a “new standard of nursing care” in Japan, an Independent and Dignified Aging care. To pursue its mission, ORIX Living manages 19 Good Time Living, a chain of private nursing homes, and 2 Platesia, residential rental properties for active seniors in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kansai region. Mr Morikawa also serves as President of The Council of Senior Housing Industry Executives in Japan to give policy recommendation and exchange ideas in the senior housing industry to create a better future of the Japanese senior citizens.

Mr Makoto Mieno, Senior Managing Director, Alive Medicare Co., Ltd, Japan

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Joining SECOM in 1987, Mr Mieno has experienced various fields in relating with the security services, which is offered by SECOM, Japan’s NO.1 security service company. In 2005, Mr Mieno joined the Arai corporation, a subsidiary of SECOM, since then Mr Mieno has specialised in the health care business, especially in developing high-end nursing homes. Mr Mieno is one of the leading commentators in the nursing home industry and service apartments for the elderly area in Japan.

Mr Tadamichi Shimogawara, President, Silverwood Co., Ltd, Japan

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Mr. Tada"Michi" Shimogawara was born in Tokyo in 1971. He is founder/CEO of Silverwood Ltd. of Japan from 2000. He developed and implemented "steel panel construction" by the building construction method of the frame materials made of steel sheets. He started the planning and development projects for the elderly housing and facilities from 2005. He launched rental housing for requiring long-term care "Ginmokusei-Kamagaya" and special rental housing for the aged in which a person receives medical "Ginmokusei-Ichikawa". One of the stances is preventive long-term care, he investigates development like a second-home until they pass away for best end-of-life of residents. He is on the board of director of the general incorporated foundation for rental housing with service for elderly.

Dr Jun Sasaki, Founder & Chairman, Yushoukai Medical Corporation, Japan

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Dr Jun Sasaki is the Founder & Chairman of Yushoukai Medical Corporation. In 1998, he graduated from the School of Medicine in Tsukuba University and started working in the internal department of Mitsui Memorial Hospital. He went on to Graduate School of Medicine at the Tokyo University in 2003. In 2006, Dr Sasaki established the MRC clinic, the predecessor of Yushokai. By 2008, he established the MRC clinic into today’s Yushoukai Medical Corporation. 

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